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A renowned and passionate conservation advocate George Mc Gavin was an academic zoologist for 30 years before becoming a television presenter. He is the author of numerous books and a highly respected speaker regularly inspiring and educating audiences about insects, ecology, evolution, conservation and exploration.

He is widely recognised throughout the UK as a regular contributor to the BBC One Show delighting viewers with his bug-life and ecology reports. He has also presented and consulted on many television programmes including The Secret Life of Landfill: A rubbish history and the multi award-winning documentary After Life: the strange science of decay.


Over the years, his work has taken him from the tropical forests of Papua New Guinea to the caves of Thailand and from the jungles of Belize to the savannahs of Tanzania.  When he's not working, travelling or at home near Windsor Great Park, George can generally be found on the hunt for more bug life or enjoying a coastal walk in Dorset.

He also has several insect species named in his honour, all of which he hopes will survive him!

Expert on Oxford University’s On-line Media Guide

Speaker for the Royal Institution Schools Programme

Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society

Fellow of the Linnean Society

Honorary Fellow of the Society of Biology

Honorary Life Fellow of the Royal Entomological Society

Patron of the Alderney Wildlife Trust

Patron of the Bees, Wasps and Ants Recording Group

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